For more than 50 years we’ve worked closely with different mourning families in assisting them with planning and organising a bespoke funeral for their dear loved ones.

Our Story

What started as a passion for the cooking industry evolved into a major dedication towards the work of undertakers and funeral planning. 

Ronnie started his studies to become a chef, but when his brother opened the business as a funeral director, he immediately followed to continue to grow the business together. His interest in funeral ceremonies sparked at a very young age, when as an altar boy he assisted his first funeral at the Hamrun Parish Church.

When eventually, Ronnie’s brother dropped out of the business, Ronnie made sure to keep it flourishing and continued to invest in his true passion. At present, together with his son Alan, and his nephew Raoul, this family business is one of Malta’s leading companies of funeral services.

Throughout these 50 years of service, Ronnie has had many memorable experiences whereby he assisted different grieving families with embalming, burial and other related tasks involved in carrying out a funeral. 

Whether a deceased dies of natural causes, following a long-term illness, because of a car accident or other, Ronnie underlines the importance of a dignified death for every person, no matter the age or background.

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