Planning a Funeral

We understand how tough it is when someone you love just died, and having to plan their funeral is even harder. Our team is dedicated to carefully assist and guide you through the entire process of planning a funeral for your lost loved one, according to your wishes.

Funeral Flowers

Floral arrangements are a very warm way of paying tribute to a loved one you’ve just lost. We can provide you with a varied selection of funeral flowers, bouquets and wreaths to add a more intimate touch in celebrating the life of the deceased. From simple to eleborate floral arrangements, you can rely on us to liaise with florists and provide you the perfect assortment of fresh flowers.

Mourning cards are a simple yet long-lasting way of keeping the memory of your loved ones alive. Our team can show you a complete range of templates and designs to choose from and have them printed to be able to distribute them to guests attending the funeral ceremony. We can also assist you with the printing of a book of condolences that can be placed at the Church or other venue entrance for guests to record their messages or memories lived with the deceased.

Coffins & Tombstones

At our premises we hold a wide range of high-quality coffins imported from leading manufacturers at affordable prices. Ranging in wood material, colours and other features, we can guide you in choosing the right coffin or casket that suits your taste and budget. Our team also caters bespoke tombstones and other types of memorials that can be tailored to your specifications.

Death Certificates

Dealing with administrative stuff while mourning is certainly the last thing on your mind during this difficult time. As funeral directors you can leave it in our hands to take care of collecting and processing all the required documentation before burial. Our team also takes care of issuing the obituary to the different radio stations to ensure all details are available to those interested in attending the funeral ceremony.

Church Arrangements

From booking the church or other particular venue to coordinating music arrangements and other necessary arrangements, trust in our professional hands for everything to fall into place smoothly. We are aware that during this time you’re focused on an intimate and peaceful bereavement. Thus, with the least intrusion possible, we can help you organise everything from A-Z.

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